You and I both know that it takes someone who is highly specialized in medicine and life sciences to grasp the types of concepts you deal with on a daily basis.
It also takes a highly specialized medical and life sciences translator to be able to convey these concepts in another language.

 Here are some of the areas in which I can help relieve your Spanish- and Portuguese-to-English complications…

  • Clinical trial documents and recruitment materials

  • Questionnaires and Quality-of-Life surveys

  • Proposals

  • Informed consent forms

  • Ethics committee letters

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Patient information sheets

  • Drug data sheets, drug labels and package inserts

  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dossiers (IMPDs)

  • Medical records

  • Patient reports

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Medical journal articles

  • Focus group surveys, questionnaires and feedback


Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Let’s talk, and we’ll see whether I can assist you or refer you to a trusted colleague.